Edu Blog Challenge – Week 5

This weeks blog challenge is to talk about your favourite music! I am going to be talking about some of my favorite artists and their best music, and ending off the blog post with a image I made.


This first artist is very close to my heart. Meet Rex Orange County. His real name is Alex O’connor. He’s an English singer  and songwriter who grew up in the village of Grayshott near Haslemere, Surrey. His music is absolutely amazing. It makes me extremely happy not matter where I am or my mood. Some of my favorite songs of his are Nothing, Corduroy Dreams, Best Friend, Grass Stains, and Paradise. (Click the links to hear the songs) Ive seen him live in concert which was….. amazing.


Brockhampton. It sounds like one person, but really its a boy band. Joba, Matt, Dom, Romil, Merlyn, Bearface and Kevin are all very important members of this band. There music is anything but normal, and that’s why I love it. There is something for everyone, softer stuff, more intense songs and so much more. Some of my favourites are SWEET, HOTTIE, MILK, LAMB, and THUG LIFE.  I have seen this band live as-well, and they were great on stage.


Last but not least, Frank Ocean. Frank has been my favourite artist since I was 11. His music is perfect. Hands down best artist I know. Some of my favourites from him are Forest Gump, Self Control, Lost, and Chanel. All of his music is outstanding I can’t even explain. I hope to see him live on day, but he’s a pretty mysterious guy and doesn’t have any social media and doesn’t go on tour. I love that about him as no other artists are like that anymore.


There are so many more artists I love like Tyler the Creator, Cosmo Pyke, Beabadoobee, Billie Elish, Still Woozy, Daniel Caesar, Peach Pit, Kali Uchis, Bon Iver, Benny Sings, Jakob Ogawa, Roy Blair. SZA, and so many more. Music is an important part of my life, im always listening to it. To end off this blog post, here is a picture I made of all my favourite albums .



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