Alberta blog post

The driving question for this project was, “how can the geography of the west shape who we are?” My answer to this question is economy-based. The geography of the west has shaped us by allowing us to have a thriving economy with multiple industries that have helped us settle and develop.

In this blog post, I will be talking about the 1-week long field study to Alberta. In Alberta, we went to Banff, Calgary, Golden and Revelstoke. We did so many fun activities like the golden sky bridge, archery and many more. My favourite activity has to be the zipline.

We had a mini exhibition on the 26th to showcase our books. I was in the economy group. I think that the exhibition went well. I only had 2 people come to my station and they were my mom and Ronan’s mom. Overall, I think the exhibition went well and I did a good job.

Question: I can share ideas, ask questions, and research information from a variety of sources.
I asked questions on this trip whenever I was confused, which was a lot of the time. A good example is almost every night I’d ask where are we eating dinner. I shared my ideas whenever possible, for example when I was doing group work or hanging out with my friends. I researched information when I was unsure. An example of this is when we went to the first hotel in Golden. My mom had stayed at that hotel many years ago as a kid, so I looked the hotel up to see if it was the actual one and it was.

This is my book:


Below you will see a bunch of photos that I thought could help you understand what the trip was like. Also, I also have a YouTube video that I made with fun group 2. Enjoy!. Here is the link to the funny video:  funny video


Science blog post

In sector 1 the projects we did were bioaccumulation gif a scratch game about food chains and more. I enjoyed doing these mini projects alot, my favorite was the scratch game wich I will leave a link for at the bottom. I didn’t hate anything but my least favourite was the Instagram post because even though it wasn’t the biggest assignment it was the biggest in my mind for this sector.

I think my best woork this project was my scratch game becasue I spent alot of time on the drawings and its my best work. One mane thing I took away from this project is to take good notes even if you know your not going to need them it will help you later.

In total I think I got a accomplished becasue I completed my work to the best of my abiltites and I got all suns.


my scratch game