April 13


4-5 long, stressful months of planning and prepping for DI. (If you don’t remember what DI is check out my midway DI post) Now if you want to know how it all went well then keep reading
So, it all started in November when we were told what DI was and put into the groups we would be forced to work with until April. Now, I was put into a Fine arts group. It was going great till the first dress rehearsal where we had absolutely NOTHING done. So we started all our work a week after the second dress rehearsal. In 2 weeks we made almost everything, the backdrop, costumes, final script (yes that includes memorizing the script too) so let me get into the process of them!

Backdrop:there was 2 backdrops, one for a juice-bar the other for a dungeon.

Costume transformation: we didn’t come up with what to do for this until a week before the competition so of course it wasn’t gunna be the greatest thing ever, it consider of a rolled up  red cape tied up with string and when it got untied it unrolled into a full cape.

Illusion: we had a door that looked fake but was real so you could push it away and you could crawl through the sheets. It was used in the dungeon scene.

Costumes: Mine was guards armour made out of cardboard, The Queen (Julia) wore a dress from the drama room. The Jester/Bard (Tom) just found an old Halloween costume from his attic, The Old Trickster/Maki (Makai) wore a flannel and jeans with his arm tucked into the shirt sleeve, The Trickster wore a black hoodie and shorts, and The Mute Painter wore some stained and ripped clothes with an apron.

Props: we had a crown that the trickster was trying to steal and my shield (used as a fan at one point lol)

Story: the story starts with the trickster going to the bar and accidentally bumping into a guard, but the whole reason he went to the bar was because he was struggling with money so he took a risky bet with a retired trickster looking for revenge on the queen, the bet was to steal the crown in return for 1,000 shillings so the trickster did exactly that, or at least he tried to… while he was about to leave the bar he ran into the guard from earlier but the queen was with him, the queen demands the jester sing about the trickster to which he does. After the song the queen tells the guard to make her look dramatic (to which he fans her with his shield) then orders the trickster to a year in prison. The guard drags the trickster into the dungeon and leaves. The trickster looks around and sees an old painter painting the wall so he asks what they’re doing and eventually finds out that the painting was a real door so he pushes the door out and somehow gets out of the dungeon like that. Once’s he’s back in the bar he sees the queen there with the guard so he asks the retired trickster to distract them both while he steals the crown off her head. The queen runs off crying while the guard tries to chase after her and the tricksters drink and laugh and so the story ends there.
Heres a video of it:

DI was so stressful but I think I learnt how to prioritize the project and that I should be helping the group. That doesn’t mean I ever wanna do it again though.

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