Greetings Friends and Foes!!

Today, I will be writing about our latest science project, Mind Over Matter. 

I’m going to start off by saying this was a more difficult project. I thought it was also really fun! Starting with the most fun part, which I think was Keystone 2, Keystone 2 was a gummy bear diffusion experiment; we left gummy bears in water for one day. They were very puffy when we took them out. We wanted to eat them, but they were in nasty beakers. Also, decapitating them was very satisfying.

Keystone 1 was also quite fun; we had to make Ms. Kadi guess what an object was (mine was my glasses, for example), and we listed things like physical and chemical properties.

Keystone #3 was a simple pitch for the finish line: Now the Hardest Part, our game. This was fairly hard for me since I changed my idea three times and had to learn a completely new platform for the game. I definitely could’ve done better, but I’m happy with the result.

Before you play, the game does unfortunately have some bugs that I didn’t have enough time to fix; if I didn’t swap ideas three times, I would probably have a much better game, but at the same time I glad I tried other ideas.  Anyway, I hope you enjoy it!–

For what I actually learned, I basically re-learned some things about matter since I usually have difficulty retaining information about it. I was also reminded of how hard it can be to make a game, especially when using scratch (though I did not use it, my experience was still a bit similar to scratch). I’d rather make a game on Unity, but my laptop is weak. Last but not least, we don’t talk about the total time spent on my game. (Hint: I hit double digits.)

Thanks for Reading!