Consequences of Colonization!

In this project, we learned about the consequences. Though this project was confusing at times I found it pretty easy.
The driving question was “What did European settlement mean for all involved?” We learned the answer to things question through all our keystones and the investigations that came with them.
Keystone 1’s question was “What changed about European power worldviews?”
To represent our understanding of this we made 2 art charts about a work of art by C. W. Jefferies. The fact that I wrote an entire paragraph on the way the explorer was standing made me laugh a bit. The first chart was the explicit details from the drawing (the 5 W’s) and the second one was the implicit details more about the figures, and how they were placed etc.
Here are my two charts and the picture

I think I did well on the implicit chaRt especially, and am also profundity of the fact that I figured it all out from home because I was sick when it was explained in class.
Next time I would like to start working on this earlier and manage my time a bit better.

Keystone 2’s question was “What were the consequences of the Europeans’ change in worldview at the time?” We represented our learning through a reinterpreted drawing of the last picture we analyzed and another implicit chart. Though the drawing was a bit tricky ( sizing all the tracing and adding the right background ) I think I did very well on this keystone and graphed a better meaning of what the implicit chart was meant to be. The drawing was supposed to show another point of view at the time to show how it impacted everything. To show this I flipped my drawing to show how much the Europeans were taking
Here’s my chart and art.

Keystone 3 was a script for our final video. I found this pretty easy because writing is one of my strengths when it comes to humanities (videography not so much 😂). Keystone 1 and 2 were pretty easy to write about but this keystone was due before we learned much about keystone3 so I had to look through Basecamp to figure it out. I won’t include my script because you can see it in the video.

I am very proud of my video because I finally planned for something and dint left it until the last minute. The learning from this was pretty much the same as Keystone 3 because I just added visual which is more of a maker thing. Since I planned beforehand when we were given class time I got extra time to work on science and helped my classmates figure out what to do.

( the file is too big 😭 I will add a link when we post them to our YouTube channels 😃)


Overall I feel I did very well on this project, I got the grades I wanted and was on top of everything for the most part. If I did this project again I would plan a bit more and start the keystones on my own before we finished the investigations because waiting made me have to cram it all in.

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