Spring Exhibition, Pathways 🌷/ The Medium is the Message

Aka, the day of loud noises.
Our final project for grade 8 is what we presented at the spring exhibition! I honestly can’t believe that my first day of grade 8 was so long ago. I learned so much year I’ll talk about that in my tpol post though.

I definitely like the spring exhibition more than the winter one. It flowed much more smoothly. For one we had a lot more time to prepare. My group was much more active in basecamp and that really helped. Im very proud of the lighthouse we made. We successfully covered our table and were ready on time!

During the part when it was open people weren’t as clumpy s the winter exhibition. I ended up speaking to fewer people then I thought and that was ok. The ones who I did talk to were very interested and I really appreciated that. They really liked looking at all the drafts. Here’s the portfolio.

(Photos because it was too big to upload)

Through all of these drafts I used design principals we learned about in class while the other Oregon trip was away. Through the rest of the learning we did for this project we learned a lot about what media is and how we interact with it. I took all of this into account while creating my ads.

Some things I would do differently next time include making different cookies. In theory, my idea was good, but in real life, the cookies just look disgusting because they were grey. I made them look like the cobble beach that we saw on our Oregan trip See that here. I would have Meade sugar cookies with a different recipe and use icing to colour them or go with a different snack idea completely.

I would also start my ad earlier even if we hadn’t worked on it in class. It would have been nice to have gotten feedback earlier so I would have had more time.

One more thing that isn’t good or bad really is that we were the ones that put out the mats. A thing to remember for next time is that IT IS EASIER WITH JUST A FEW ACTUALLY GOOD PEOPLE VS A BUNCH OF UNSYNCHRIZED PEOPLE.


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