Run: A remake

We recently made a remake of the short film run in maker. We shot our first draft over a week, replicating each shot. We also tried to recreate the sound of the original which was really hard! No ones first drafts replicated it perfectly and so after class critique sessions we re-tried shooting it. Our group reshot the whole thing within the two 20 minute class periods and I’m really proud of that. Unfortunately the group member that was supposed to put together the video didn’t finish it in time for it to be handed in mon time.

I think that the main idea of this project was to prepare us for the rest of it. We worked on skill we will sue throughout the rest of this project like angles, working together and preparedness. We also worked on critique as a class when we watched everyone’s first drafts.

The critique we got was really helpful. After watching everyone’s videos it was clear that everyone was struggling with similar things (timing, sound). I could see our progress as a class as out critique sessions happened.

After these sessions we went back to filming. We switched the main actor and location. The original location was really hard to shoot it because we’d either have other people or the school. We also made all the clips longer because the original wasn’t long enough.

We had many successes in the project and many stretches. We did well with teamwork everyone contributed. We also got all of our shots really quickly so we got it all done in class time. We stretched with the audio and getting it long enough. We didn’t reference the original enough so it didn’t line up properly.  We also didn’t finish the second video because a group member didn’t finish it and didn’t ask for the clips until it was too late to complete it in time to hand it in in time. Because of this I don’t have the finished one but here’s our first one.

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