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This semester we ended with making our own tryptich. It took our class over a month of hard work, and I worked extra hard on this final project. Today I will share what mine looks like!


(Questions – Answered

How did you make it? I made this with superimposeX, and I added all of the photos together on ProCreate

What did I learn? I learned how to use SuperimposeX, and I learned about the renaissance and how the triptych related to it.

Best parts, worst parts, Why? The best parts were making the images with SuperImposeX. The worst part was taking notes on the renaissance, it was SO boring.)

Left On my left pannel, its a photo of me as a rennisance person, and im looking though a very old telescope. This one is transitioning into a modern telescope that is looking at the moon. I also have a pocket watch to show the lens invention. On my face, I put glasses because of the lenses. Middle On the I have a iPhone that has flash on , showing how the light evolved I also have a new telescope that is looking at the moon. Im also wearing an apple watch to represent how time has evolved. Right On the right side, I put a sundile, to represent how time was told before the rennesance, and I also put no glasses in it because lenses were not created then. and to transition the light from my phone from the middle part, I put fire, because that was their only light back then. I reacted to the light by covering my eyes. And I also was not wearing my apple watch Now that you read that, you can look at my final product. Overall this projects was enjoyable (not at the beggining). The reason I say not at the begining is because we only were taking notes, and we didnt do any real fun work. NOW you can look at my finished tryptich

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