mPOL 2023

Thank you for coming to my presentation of learning. I am the expert on my own learning. I am also responsible and accountable for my own learning. You can expect me to give an honest evaluation of my progress. We will discuss my strengths and opportunities for growth. Thank you in advance for listening and for offering feedback that I can use to improve as a learner.

This is my very first year in PLP! I have had so many fun experiences, learning experiences and meeting new friends. This term I was focusing on learning what this program was actually about and not focusing on what “normal” people would focus on, the grades.  Normally I think people dont focus on school and only care about the marks they get on their report card, however I learned not to do that. Ok, lets dive into my mPOL of 2023!

This year in PLP we are doing an mPOL. A mPOL is a Midterm Project of Learning. This is what PLP uses to explain how we felt about this semester. Today I have  5 projects to share about. Avatar box, Making interesting Images, and Becoming a PLP learner, The Crusades and The outsiders. 

This Year, we started off our year with a Becoming a PLP learner project. It taught us all about our iPads and how to use the apps in them. After we learned how to make our own Emoji of things we like on the laptop on the emojis. After that we made a dream board. A dream board is where you put things you love and stuff that is in your bucket list. The dream board was really cool to make. I made it using the copy and paste function on my iPad. I think my finished product look very cool.

This year I was most proud of my making interesting images project because I took some really good photos. My favourite skills when we made these, were the silhouette, the birds eye view, and the worms eye view. I also liked doing the Mood one. Overall i liked this project and I did good.

I struggled with the outsiders because I’m not the strongest at understanding what I’m reading and I wasn’t good at answering the questions. I found the book really weird and I didn’t really understand why a lot of things happened. However I did get all my reading roles done on time. I think this was my worst project this year, and I think if I read more, I can get a better mark next time we do a reading project.

One of my favourite projects was the avatar box. The reason I loved this project was because I enjoy making real things (not stuff on iPads). And in this project we designed a box reflecting on our room themes that were assigned to us. Exploited Recourses was mine, I did a box representing the company in the movie, the compony was cruel, only wanted to take over the planet of pandora, and they wanted to take over the Navi’s home so earth could move to pandora. For the box, I put a big bull dozer chopping trees that could have been held home to animals and the business just wants the lumber for money and land, representing that they don’t care about anything in their way, they just want money. I painted a $100 bill burning because once the business is big enough, they don’t fully care if they lose some money. I also had a city that was taller than the trees representing how they think cities are more important than living things. So overall this year I liked this project the most.

I found the crusades project interesting, partially on the work but mostly how I learned it. At first I found it super hard, I didn’t understand anything and I was so lost. Half way through the project I was getting the hang of it but at the end I was like a expert. So at first I didn’t like the project but at the end I fount it super fun! The project was based on the crusades, (obviously) however a lot of it was based around the church, and I found that really cool because the church was more powerful than the king. That was the exact moment all of this project clicked for me. I suddenly understood it. I found this project fun, however very interesting.

I think I could change the way I looked at projects at the beginning of the year. I always thought of them just being hard work but now I realize that its acutely more fun then just work. For example, I never really like the listening part but as soon and PLP teachers said we would be designing stuff, I got really excited. A few of these projects include the outsiders and the avatar box. The outsiders just felt like work loaded on to me while the avatar box was actually fun and engaging for me.

Overall, this term of PLP was fun, engaging, exciting and fun to explore. There were a few good projects, that were fun, and exciting. However a couple of them I didn’t enjoy. The ones I didnt enjoy just didn’t excite me. However all the other projects were awesome. I enjoy PLP and am going to continue next year!

Thank you for listening to my mPOL of 2023

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