Christopher Columbus Blog Reflection

This project was really fun and easy, but it also made me realize how important it is to critically examine historical figures and events. Christopher Columbus has traditionally been celebrated as a brave explorer who “discovered” America, but upon closer examination, his actions were actually quite problematic.

As we discussed in class and as I learned from my research, Columbus and his crew were responsible for the enslavement and mistreatment of Indigenous peoples, as well as the spread of diseases that decimated their populations. Additionally, Columbus did not actually “discover” America, as there were already thriving communities and civilizations on the land he encountered.

It’s important to acknowledge these truths and have open discussions about the complexities of history. Instead of blindly celebrating figures like Columbus, we should be willing to engage in critical conversations about their actions and the impact they had on different communities. Only by examining the past through a critical lens can we learn from it and move towards a more equitable future.

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