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Sebastians TPOL of 2023
“Thank you for coming to my presentation of learning. I am the expert on my own learning. I am also responsible and accountable for my own learning. You can expect me to give an honest evaluation of my progress. We will discuss my strengths and opportunities for growth. Thank you in advance for listening and for offering feedback that I can use to improve as a learner.”

This Year has been my favorite year of school yet. I think PLP boosted my learning in ways that never happened before, like when I did something wrong in grade 7, I would not want to retry. However, when I joined PLP, I was excited to try again until I got it right. I think the way PLP gives small chunks of work at a time in the projects really works for me. I seem to be getting around 2 times the amount of work done because I don’t get overwhelmed by all of the work at once.


In the first semester, I did projects that didn’t spark much interest in me. I felt pretty bored with PLP, we had projects like, the avatar box, where you build a box based on your scene from Avatar, and the Consequences of Colonization, where you researched a lot, and we also had Blue eyed brutes in horns (Vikings research). I found all of these, not that fun. I think for next year the beginning will be fun because we will already have passed grade 8, and the beginning of grade 8 was like a test for us. But in grade 9, we already passed grade 8 so we can start doing fun projects right away.

The Bad Things about this year in PLP

I am least proud of my work in the first semester of school, which is understandable because I know more now and I am smarter. However, there is a project I dislike the most: The Outsiders Book. I disliked this one because it was really challenging for me because I’m a slow reader and we had to read it fast and take notes on it. So I fell really far behind and it got me stressed.

I found the revising part of PLP frustrating at first because I’ve never done anything like it. However, once the year went on I got more used to it and now I like it because my work is of higher quality. I also think its good to always know your first try is likely, not perfect so when I don’t get a revision I get very happy.

I feel like I failed at the avatar box project because I had the smallest box that didn’t represent much, but at the end of the project, I got a few additions to touch it up like adding some fake trees. I also think I failed at this one because I was not prepared for the exhibition.

The good things about this year

I feel like I did very well this year in things I didn’t do well last year, like being organized, chatting with people (inappropriate times) and focusing on the task at hand and working on it at appropriate times

I’ve seen in a few of my classmate’s works, they use animations to reveal words or pictures, and it brings a lot of life to their work so I want to try to do that next year. I’ve also seen a few of my classmates use Canva, however, I never really understood how Canva works, so I’m going to try to learn before grade 9. I think these are some good skills to learn

There is a skill I need to “learn” for next year. I need to learn who good people are to sit with, and not sit with people that play games all class and don’t focus. I have mostly learned this, however, we get put into random seating arrangements most days.


One of our main projects is ad making. We went to Oregon for this to talk with our clients about how they wanted their ads developed. My ad was based on Kam Meng, the local Chinese restaurant. When me and my group mates were interviewing, we practiced, so it went smoothly. We got all the information we needed for the ad. So with that done, we enjoyed the Chinese food. Then we were moving home, it was a long drive but I watched a few movies then realized I was home.
In the end of the ad making journey, we had another exhibition; Pathways! Where we showcased our ads to the public and had them ask questions. We had to set up a stand with things related to your attraction, so we put up bamboo, piano, fortune cookies, bamboo extract (7 up), and bamboo crackers. This was definitely my favorite and best, project.

Driving Question

Why do I feel like I am ready to move on to grade 9? I feel I am ready because, since the beginning of the year, I have gotten way smarter, more mature, taller, and have learned different skills for being a grown-up.

Thank you for listening to my tPOL of 2023 I hope you enjoyed it. Now you can ask questions about my tPOL.

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