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Becoming a PLP Learner

Who am I as a PLP Learner?

As a PLP learner, I am someone who can bring creative, insightful, collaborative, active and enthusiastic learning into my work, and be immersed in it. I use technology as a tool to create work that is all these attributes and more. I will be covering big aspects of PLP and in order to prove my growth as a PLP learner, my past projects.

My Laptop Memoji


I have chosen to pick my laptop Memoji because it showcases my keynote competency, and it creatively showcases a bit of me. This project covers a lot of the creative aspect of PLP, and how all the apps give you freedom to creatively express yourself in the form of schoolwork projects. You have so many tools to create work that can incorporate so much. As a PLP learner, the creative aspect of learning is both important and important to me.

My User Manuel

I did not send my entire user manual because of how large it is, so instead I have the “highlights” and most significant parts of it. The motive of this project was to refer to ourself as an object, in third person, and write a “user manual”, that is all about us. I chose to showcase this project because it shows my personality, and it is a great example of PLP work in general, and how creative, out of the box, and yet individually benefiting it is. It is up to you how you are going to do and present your work, and it is entirely your responsibility.

My Bucket List



Again, I did not send all of the work, only the highlights and most significant material. The purpose of the bucket list project was to create a bucket list for yourself of what you want to do in the future, and what an “ideal” future would look like. It represents a very important aspect of PLP, which is preparing you for the future, and how crating goals for your future is important because you have a higher chance of actually doing those things. Going through life without realistic or even just loosely planned goals is like trying to cook something difficult that you’ve never cooked before without a recipe.

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