“Geek Out” What is Skiing?

What is Skiing?

Skiing is a winter sport, most commonly known by those who live near a mountain and a ski hill, and it consists of strapping two slightly bent flat and skinny pieces of material that has evolved throughout its history and is done either downhill, or cross-country. You also carry a pole in each hand that jabs the snow and pushes off of it for your speed, balance and coordination. The sizes of the poles and skis depend on the users size, and whether that are alpine (downhill) skiing or cross-country skiing.

If you are doing alpine skiing, then you will ski down a hill that varies in length, steepness, and overall difficulty. After you are at the bottom of this “run”, a contraption based on a slightly less vertical motorized pulley called a ski lift will bring you back up to the top. On this pulley there are rows of chairs that you must quickly get on and sit on until you are back up.

The runs difficulty is rated through signs beside the run. A green circle will signify that it is an easy, or beginner run. A blue square will mean medium, and a black diamond will mean hard or experienced. If you are cross-country skiing, than you have slightly skinnier ski’s, and are usually traversing a snow plain riddled with hills and trees. You hike up the hills with your ski’s on, and then glide down the other side, using the momentum to your advantage. Both are amazing and if you happen to live near a mountain, then i definitely recommend at least trying it!

Thanks for the photo Banff Sunshine Village!

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