The four videos of Alberta

Have you ever been on a trip to Alberta? I was for a school trip! for this really cool maker 9 project I had to make 3 different videos in Alberta and 1 at home video, An investigative video, a short TikTok style video, a silent video, and a what inspires me video. I put a link to all of these videos at the end of the paragraph. For all of the videos I used the driving question “How can I use the moving image to tell a story.” Not all of the criteria is the same but some main ideas are: keep the video short 1-2 minutes, have a proper title, include some technology enhancements music, pictures, animations, etc… 

My favourite video was the silent video because it was the one I could be the most creative with, and also because I was the best character in it. We filmed the video in Three Valley Gap ghost town, I think the best part of the ghost town is the train house because it has a bunch of trains I think the best train is the one that previous prime minister Pierre Trudeau gave a bunch of protesters the one finger salute. Silent video

My second favourite video is the what inspires me video because I could still be pretty creative with this video and also because I filmed it in my home. As the title says the video is about what inspires me, it was supposed to include something I enjoyed doing, something I did not enjoy doing, what I daydream about, what gives my life purpose, some skills or talents I have, and what books or tv shows I like to view, my video was supposed to be under 2 minutes, I cant downsize that much so my video is around 3 minutes long. Overall I think this video follows the criteria pretty well. What inspires me

Another video that I made was the investigative video, I find this video as the hardest to film because talking to strangers isn’t really my strong suit. Some things I could have improved with my video are: talking louder so the camera could hear me better, I could have shown where I was filming better so people could see the cool stuff in the background. Investigative Video

The last video I made is the TikTok style video. This video was more for fun than an actual assignment, the short that I mad is more like a collection of pictures from the trip than something that was filmed.

If you want to see some different videos you can check out my YouTube channel here. Thanks for reading!

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