Field study nope forest Loon Lake

This is how I ended up in a forest 20 minutes away from civilization. This was the second PLP 9 trip of the year at Loon Lake this time. The main reason we even went there was to build up the trust of our community that pretty much sums it up. I think the best parts of this trip was the outdoor activities, they were: fort building, archery, a low and high ropes course, rock climbing, and a weird scavenger hunt activity. My favourite one was probably the fort building because we had to use a rope ferry to get to the other side and I could be as creative as possible and make the absolute best fort.

We also did other activities with Jono and they were split up into five main parts emotional intelligence, and four others. At the end of the week we were split up into five different groups and had to present what we learned about the category we were given. We didn’t get much time to prepare only enough to design a poster and make a crude script but we didn’t really need the script because we were learning about these topics for the past week and it was just there to make us feel more confident about ourselves. My category was emotional intelligence which is basically the ability to understand and process emotions and not everyone is on the same level and some people might be more developed, it doesn’t matter that much because you can always improve.

The last thing I want to talk about is how good the field study was. The place we were staying at was amazing there was just forest around so the air there was better than the stuff at home, and when I got back I felt like I couldn’t really take a deep breath but that went away and I’m fine now. Another thing that made the camp really good is the food i was hyped up a lot and I don’t really think it was the best but it was still really good. Overall I feel like I really enjoyed the trip and understood why we went there.

Thanks for reading see you later.

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