New France


Hi, I’m simon. And this blog post, I will be talking about the project, which had the final product being a story that we were about New France. In this blog post, I will be going over my competencies, examples of my work, my favourite milestones and my book.

Competencies & examples of work


Competency: communicate.

  • Definition: how do I share my own ideas when I write speak and represent.

Proof: in my story, I see ideas that I came up with from the very start of the project, which has reflected through my work. A piece of evidence around this is that in my story, the character is extremely paranoid. I had this idea from the start, because I have been getting into some darker styles of literature at the time. Another one of my ideas, what is that I knew for a fact that travelling traders in New France often travelled together, which you can see in my story with the side characters who are also travelling traders who travel with them.


Competency: use evidence from various sources.

  • definition: how do we evaluate evidence to decide if it is adequate to support a historical conclusion?

Proof: you can see how I should this when you look at my research team sheets for my artefact evidence. I cited various sources, and quite a few of them talked about what kind of people use this artifact. That was important to my story so I evaluated that that was not relevant information. Instead, adequate information was the physical descriptions of these and interesting details that no one would know if they saw it.

My book


My favourite milestones


Milestone 4, the first draft of my story.

Milestone 5, finishing our story.