Do You Know What’s Crazy? Pecha-Kucha Night!

What does it mean to be crazy?

There are many different definitions of what crazy means and in order to be on the same page lets learn more about it. 

When you look up “crazy definition” it talks about a not so positive way of being crazy.

This may be the definition of crazy you were thinking about or it might not be, either way this is not the definition I intend to talk about. In this post I will be talking about how our class defined crazy, the same way the Apple campaign in 1997 “The Crazy Ones” did. Showing how they are different, weird, strange, passionate, and more. 

We learned how people can embody this lifestyle and mindset, creating change. In this project we learned about how not only people show this theme but creations do as well.

To grasp a better understanding our grade went to Seattle, we packed our bags and only had one thing on our mind: 

How does a crazy person change the world?

The last post about this project I focussed more on the experience when visiting Seattle where in this post will be more about how I used the information I learned. I will be talking about how I applied it into a presentation, more specifically a PechaKucha.

Wait hold on a second… What is a PechaKucha?

A PechaKucha is a presentation that is 20×20. This means you only have 20 seconds to talk about a slide that automatically switches and you have to do this for 20 slides. You can’t have any text on the screen and make sure that the photos you use on the slides help you tell the story you need to tell. 

This type of presentation is difficult because you can’t fully read off a script, the timing doesn’t work very well if you do that, so you have to really know what you are talking about.

During our field study we learned lots about why Seattle is crazy, in many different ways but more specifically 9 themes:

Think Different: Innovators, Visionaries, Mavericks and Trailblazers

Philanthropy and Impact: Redefining Giving 

Architectural Wonders: Shaping the Skyline to Shape Ideas 

Artistic Expression: Inspirational Creativity 

Seattle Sounds: Revolutionaries That Shifted Culture 

Sustainable Solutions: Green Innovations for a Healthier Planet – My group! (Me, Susan, Alex, Kadin)

Aerospace Pioneers: Embracing Innovation and Building a Legacy in the Air 

Urban Transformation: Transforming Cities for the Future 

Dollars and Sense: How Business Can Be Done Differently 

As you can see from above my group was Sustainable Solutions, focusing on a cleaner future and things that have positive impacts on the planet. Before we went to Seattle my group and I created notes about what would be important to learn about for our presentation as well as a thesis to keep in mind, on the trip.

For specific places we added:

Climate Pledge Arena


The Space Needle

The Amazon Spheres

Bill and Malinda Gates Foundaition

After going to Seattle it made it clear what we wanted to use for examples and what we didn’t want to use for examples, keeping in mind we only have 20 slides.

We talked as a group and decided that this would be our list:

Climate Pledge Arena


The Space Needle

The Amazon Spheres 

Although they are all important we also had other things we needed to touch on like individual impact and keeping the theme “crazy” alive.

Check out the rest of our thinking and click here.

As a group we worked well together in creating our script and making sure that we have enough information for each slide, we all gave great ideas on what to do for each slide and kept a positive energy so everyone could have a chance to share their idea. 

One thing that I could have worked on though is practicing, I feel like I could’ve been so much more confident up there if I did more run throughs, especially as a group. Another thing I thought was difficult was trying to remember all of my slides, especially when there was a last minute change for who was going to present. I didn’t get the chance to do a run through with my partner with just the 2 of us and I wish we did because I think that our presentation would’ve gone a lot smoother.

Even though it was just the two of us I think we pushed through and gave the best that we could with what we had, I know I tried my best and I could tell that my partner did as well.

As a group we came together and created a team, we talked our problems out and overcame them together. Even if we didn’t all present on the PechaKucha night, our personalities were all there, through the script and through the slides. 

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