🇫🇷🫡A Child of Revolution🪖⚔️

October 31, 1788

Dear diary we arrived in this new place called France it’s quite lovely my family doesn’t have much but, we’re getting by. I’ve made a few friends with the children my age. We live on a farm, it’s hard work but, I really do quite enjoy it.

October 31, 1789

Dear diary, I apologize for how long I’ve been gone. I’ve just been very busy so, once again my apologies. The paper came out today and it made mother and father angry they kept talking about how they still cannot vote. I’m not sure what a “vote” is but, I’m sure I’ll learn about it later. I’ve attached a pice of the paper from today. 

There are a lot of rules in this place our king has named it King Cool I believe. Some of these rules include no running or touching and we must talk to the universe anytime we want to do something which I find a little odd but, who am I to question it? Today I walked around a bit doing chores for maman and papa and tried to buy as much as I could but, we don’t have a lot. I heard a rumour while at the market people were saying that freedom will come soon. I thought we came here to be more free. I guess not. I’ll try to update you more but, life is very busy. 

November 1, 1789

Dear diary, maman and papa will not stop yelling about the paper today. They talk about taxes and how the group D’s and C’s are spending too much so, we need to pay them more. I’ve attached the news article again.

Their very stressed so I walked around the market some more. I talked to a few of my friends and some of the shop keepers I saw a priest there but, he was too important for me to talk to. While at the market I heard another rumour that group’s C and D might want to meet with us group A’s and B’s. Well that’ll be all for today.

November 2, 1789

Dear diary, so many people are getting sick around me and I’m very scared maman and papa will get it. The paper informed us of what this terrible disease is and I’m very scared. Even though I’m scared I still had to go to the market and, like usual I heard a rumour that the group D’s and C’s have the medicine to cure the sickness but, they say they don’t. The paper says they’ll make a good desition but, I don’t know how much I really trust the paper now. On other news apparently Nation Y is starting to make moves on us. This is today’s news clipping.

November 3, 1789

Maman and papa are dead. It happened so fast that we didn’t even have time to try and get medicine. All of the crops have dried up and we’re starving but the groups C’s and D’s are still doing nothing. I’m tired of this, on my walk through the market I heard my friends either died or are infected. On my walk I also happened upon a person and a weapon so I took everything, their money, their weapon, their shoes, and anything else I could salvage because you can you can never be too prepared in these times. Sometime later a royal guard came over to me and gave me $5, maybe it’s to keep my silence but, who knows? My current money count is $16. I’ve made the decision to move to Nation Y. There’s nothing left in Nation King Cool. I was on my way to Nation Y when I was attacked by a bunch of King Coolers.

I almost lost my life but I avoided that with only a gun shot to the shoulder which could be healed in Nation Y. This was the final news article from Nation King Cool.

November 4, 1789

My dear, dear diary, I’ve made it to Nation Y. This is where I leave you. I’m truly sorry that I can’t continue our journey but, I feel that you’re holding me back from starting again so, this is farewell my dear diary.

Hi! It’s current Sydney here. This post was all about the simulation we did in humanities. It showed us how life might have been like during the French Revolution. I really enjoyed writing this character’s story, I had to make a lot of it up because I was absent for a lot of this simulation but, it’s still been really fun. I thought I’d include some photos of what I imagine she looked like while writing because it’s fun so here y’a go!

 I know this post was really weird and don’t worry this isn’t the only post for this humanities project it’s just a really fun little extra post so, even with the weird layout I hope you enjoyed it!

Thanks for reading -Sydney🙃

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