🌳🌿Why Should I Care For The Consequences?📜🏭

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Unlike most of my other recent blog posts for this semester this will not be my final humanities blog post because, humanities is a mix of socials and English so it goes for all the year. The final product for this project was a slam poem about the Industrial Revolution (weird, I know but it worked out pretty well). 

Like all project we had to start learning about the Industrial Revolution and we did that through reading and watching videos. Our evidence to show our learning was 2 graphic organizers. I really like learning about history so all of this project has been really fun for me but, I really liked how the layout of these graphic organizers worked because it was relatively clear and easy to follow. 

Innovation cause and consequence

Cause and consequence steam engine

The second keystone was writing a formal paragraph. Currently spelling and grammar are a bit of a challenge so, for this keystone I had to get lots of feedback to make sure everything looked and sounded good. Most of this project has been about process and how you show your feedback/corrections. I think this has helped me out a lot because it really makes me think about the corrections I received. Here’s my final paragraph⬇️

Now, we get into my favourite part of this project. Slam poetry! I’ve been wanting to do slam poetry since grade 8 when we did our poetry unit. Before we could write our poems we had to plan them out. We watched a couple of slam poems so we could analyze what we might need to have a successful poem. You can see my thinking on the planner:

Slam Poetry Planner

Ok, now we have a plan so we just need to write it and perform! Small problem, poetry is very hard to write and like the formal poem requires so much feedback to be at it’s best but, this time you need performance and writing feedback. It’s a lot but, we persevered and we all made amazing poems a couple of us filmed ours so I can show you mine. I hope you enjoy!

I hope you enjoyed!

Thanks for reading -Sydney🙃

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