Chemistry Coding!

Hey everyone!

I just finished another project in scimatics along
with the rest of my class. This one was a lot
more technical than I would’ve thought for science class but it was still pretty interesting, tricky, and fun. What we had to do was learn about the atoms and how they act if their different states of matter, so we basically focused of the kinetic and molecular theory. Our task was to code a game or simulator using scratch that shows the kinetic and molecular theory. Learning about those theories was the easy part but coding the game took some time, and I had to get help from some of my experienced classmates.Thanks to them I ended up solving my problems and got the code I was looking for. I’m going to go more deep on what exactly I had to code, some struggles I went through during this project and more.

The driving question was how can the behaviour of matter be explained by the kinetic molecular theory and atomic theory? Yes as you may expect we had to answer the driving question, and that answer will be in my game after I visually show it. I’ve taken my game down for now because of technical issues but one I finish everything I will in fact post the link in this post itself.

The curricular competencies are a big part for how I show my learning and how I accomplished this project, and I showed them in many different ways like helping others when their stuck in a code I help them fix it. If you know me personally then you would know that I had to quarantine for two weeks with a few of my friends so that was one of the challenges I faced in this project but that also gave me the opportunity to help some of those friends with the project. I helped Cole dp and Landon a bit and they helped me in return so I’m thankful I had some teamwork involved.

I also unfortunately could not use my class time efficiently cause I was at home but the time I did have I worked my butt off. The main focus of this project were how atoms act in their different states of matter so that’s why I included a few pictures of my drawings which could be called atomic models but those are definitely not top teir. For the mind map you may have to zoom in to see the text sorry, but the top are my pre-project questions, the bottom left are things I already knew before the project, and the bottom right are the things I’ve learned and some answers to those questions. That’s all for this Chemistry coding post so if you have any questions or feedback please leave a comment on this post, see y’a guys!

Laser Laws Reflection Post

Blog post

Alright, My first Scimatics  quarter has been very fun thanks to Mr Gross, friends, and just what we do for the subject. We’ve gotten to do so many fun experiments, worksheets, and a few tests along the way which were a little road blocker but weren’t impossible to do. Math is one of my strong point and can actually a bit fun sometimes thats why some worksheets were fun. Science I could say the same but that just makes it that much more fun to learn. The science worksheets were my least favourite part by a whole lot because you have to read a textbook that takes half an hour plus then do a worksheet that takes hours on some stuff that just makes no sense and a bit that does but you don’t learn much. More about that kind of stuff later. Ill break this text up into a few parts like milestones, things I liked about this quarter, things I disliked, and a few pictures of assignments and projects.

Milestones and tests

First of all there were the milestones, oh the milestones. They are always a big part of every PLP project and they can range from being kinda fun to straight paragraphs that take a while to write and are on the not so fun side of school. But for this laser laws project we had our first test which was on a moderately easy topic but took so long to complete the first time. I took a break and learned the concept a bit more but then I aced it a bit after. The Pythagorean theorym was very complicated at first, most of the class had no idea what we were learning but eventually we figured it out just like the test. It looked a little bit like this but trust me its a lot  more complicated than it looks.

About the laser laws project and previous projects

We had a few other milestones including stuff like the project start mind map which was fairly easy but included a lot of information and learning material. Then everything started to get more or less related to the final project the laser display. It was probably the biggest project out of the three that we did including the fractions of your time at the start which was very math related. Short and sweet. Then we had the tectonic changes project that was a quite, interesting project to say the least. We did lots of programming then lots of physical stuff while building the game board. Then we have the laser laws project which took a lot of worksheets and practice to get the concept, but in my opinion it was the most interesting one out of the bunch. I’m not going to add too many photos like the big mind map of what I’ve learned the proof is in the pudding for this one in all of the worksheets and milestones I’ve done. If you want to see any of them shoot me a text and i will be glad to show you I just don’t want to make this post too long. Learning about the law of reflection was fun with all of the protractors and stuff. What we had to do for the final project was make a laser triangle  that used a few mirrors and a laser pointer to make a triangle. I see why we did it because it uses the law of reflection and you can use the Pythagorean theorym on it. I have a few pictures that I will put at the end of our groups triangle which may have ended up in a double triangle but it still looked sick and sort of worked. Ill leave a few pictures at the end of the post.

Curricular Competencies

Questioning and predicting: I think i did decently well in this competency.Throughout this project I’ve found so many things that I had no idea about and asked so many questions to help me understand the concept of what I was doing. Like I’ve mentioned earlier in this text I’ve been very curious about many things including a the Pythagorean theorym. Some classmates already knew about it so it became more of a personal interest. I had to work by myself to solve that problem by figuring out that topic. The second competency is Communication and Representation. Ive tried to be as open as possible to my teacher and parents if I didn’t know something and most of the time gotten the answer. Guess all you have to do is communicate and all your problems will be solved. Ive also tried to show my learning and represent my knowledge all into the final project. Some of it went well and some, well, didn’t as much. The last one is Applying and innovating. Ive definitely helped build the final model but my laser triangle design did not go as well. I tried to be unique and do a double triangle but it defeated the whole purpose. But after all I did work together with my team to apply our deigns and create a final model. This project has been very fun and so has scimatics in general, cant wait to do this again in quarter 4.  

Tectonic Changes Reflection Post

Tectonic Changes Project Review

This has been a crazy few weeks… In a good way. We’ve learned so much about tectonic plates and how they link to so many other things. I though this project was going to be another boring science related project but we learned how the earth works it a cool way. Building the board game was a great way to learn all of these concepts and have some fun at the same time. I will talk about this much more through this post in different places this was just an overview. Ill talk about the curricular competencies, evidence of my learning, and much more. 

As you can see I started from scratch so I learned a lot throughout this project. There was nothing in the what Mr Gross taught us at the time that I wrote that that was a little edit i did after the project. For the first couple days of learning about this I had no idea what was going on or what we were actually learning about, to be honest I was a little nervous. On that third day everything just clicked and I was ready for a few weeks of some nice learning. little did I know how much work it was going to be. After that it was just paragraph after paragraph of textbook reading and questions so that was a bit boring but very informational. I was so glad that we were going to make a board game using all of these concepts, it just made everything more exiting. As we went through more and more thing started to all make sense and trust me, we had a lot going on. We started to build the board game after making some game ideas with the stuff that we’ve learned. My partner was not there for many of the building days so I had to start myself but then she showed up randomly with a game ready, so we merged our two ideas and made one big great final game. It was another little challenge trying to to that. Game day was really fun because it took stress off of everyones shoulders and it was fun playing the game itself. That takes me to here reviewing the project, happier than ever that I got it done. Ive learned a lot like i said by listening in class, workbook pages, tests and much more. Some evidence of my learning is this mind map I made of what everything we focused about is.

I’m going to write a little bit about how I followed the curricular competencies. Number one is pretty straight forward because it is using class time efficiently and I did that well especially because I was on my own. I had to work two times as hard to get the project done if I wanted to get a good grade so I was focused most of the time until she showed up with a game, and then it was a bit slower trying to think of ideas. Number two is Demonstrating an understanding and appreciation of evidence. In this category I got extending because everything I learned was put into the game one way or another and the evidence is in the game itself and the web above. That just proves I listened during class. I did well in questioning and predicting as well because how you show that and how you get your accomplished grade is using your class time efficiently. I Also was open to the teacher with the partner situation so i just wanna put that out there in case thats part of this competency. Understanding and solving I was good at but not as good as I hoped to be. I showed a complete understanding of this topic but I was not the best at solving which was calculating a probability of a combination of events. Always room for improvement though. That’s it for this blog post if you are wondering about anything reach out to me with my Seycove email which is Thanks for reading.