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Bluesky is fun

School is out, but yet I am fighting a blog post about school. I am not going to be grumpy about this though because it is my last blog post ever. In a weird way I might miss these blog… Continue Reading →

TPOL but more like FPOL

I’m going to start this post off with the elephant in the room. I am not going to be in PLP next year because I have been offered a spot with an academy team. This is supposed to be my… Continue Reading →

Slugs, pigeons, and WWI

One month we have been on the go with this project. It has been a grind, but I have enjoyed it throughout the process and I think it really showed to how my video skills have improved. Below is my… Continue Reading →

Cloning my gnome

ya I didn’t clone a gnome. I know it’s sad, but I don’t even have a gnome. Although I would like to get a gnome, and maybe then I could clone it. Gnomes are cool, but that’s IRRELEVANT!?,,..!!”?!@&#&-(. Anyways throughout… Continue Reading →


(Above will be explained in final paragraph) PGP has been a class we’ve done throughout the school year outside of school hours. It was interesting is what I can say, and although at first I thought it was useless, I… Continue Reading →

I wrote this post in 60 seconds.

That’s a lie by the way, I did not write this post in sixty seconds, although I did make a video about the Stanley Cup in sixty seconds. Once again I didn’t make the video in sixty seconds, but my… Continue Reading →

I’m a deli boy now

Hello, and welcome to this beautiful post about workplace safety. This was a short unit we did in Maker for Career Education. Even though we didn’t really have a full on project I really enjoyed this project because it gave… Continue Reading →

Beware, for the Carbon cycle is upon us

ok My boys and girls lpand, yaaaa. Weird intro I just still haven’t recovered from a video in science that we just watched, but anyways that’s another project. This project we just recently finished was about the matter cycles. More… Continue Reading →

DI Provincials

What’s good my fellow humans of the big old round rock. I have come today to speak of DI Provincials. This will be a shorter post due to a very sad, but true reality. I missed Provincials because I was… Continue Reading →

Regionals on repeat

Yes, no, I mean yes. Oh hello there, sorry for the weird intro (as per usual) today I am going to be explaining a project we did right before spring break. Actually that’s inaccurate. We (half) finished the project by… Continue Reading →

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