I borrowed this picture from Gabby E (with permission of course!), go checkout her blog!

On December 21st, was what I thought to be one of the most stressful nights of my life so far but, it turns out, that it wasn’t even that bad! Drum role pleeeasee….it’s called the..Winter exhibition!

Well, you probably already read the title so, let me explain what the Winter exhibition really is about, so this special night is presented by each grade in PLP, in which each grade has their own assigned area to present their work. This Exhibition is supposed to be the last and final big project of our first half of the year. In my case (grade 8), we were assigned to do ours about religion, specifically eastern and western ones; Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Sikhism. 

Before we did the exhibition, we all had the chance to learn at least a little bit about each of these religions and visit each religion’s place of worship. My group (Rhiann, Kaden and Jude), were assigned Sikhism.

There were quite a few steps to accomplish before the exhibition, first, we had to make a poster explaining the 7 aspects of worldview; Geography, time, beliefs, society, values, economy and knowledge. Second, we had to preserve food/a beverage for the audience. Third, to create a game/activity for the audience to take part in. And fourth, we also had to bring some decorations to make the stand look better overall and to plan how it’s going to be set up. 

So, let’s start with the first part of course, the poster. The main use of the poster was to show the audience the worldview of the Sikhs. Click here to see my post about wordview if you’d like to learn more.

Here is our first draft, it honestly looked a lot more clean and organized than the other posters but, our idea wasn’t the best since it had the exact same one as the example poster that our teachers showed us for inspiration. Our teacher also decided to rank us from best to worst posters because it would also help us with our competitive sides to always have the best one. 

Here is our second draft, we tried to make our poster a lot better, by that, I mean get rid of our first poster and recreate a fresh, new idea. Just like what we were supposed to do, we needed to represent the seven aspects of worldview, or just the worldview of the followers of our religion’s worldview. So, this poster doesn’t exactly LOOK good, but the idea certainly was ALOT better.The colours may not look like a good choice for the background but, they are the main colours of the Sikh religion. For rankings, surprisingly got second place.

 So our third draft, I think that it certainly looked a lot better. We had the idea and look right ish, we just needed to tweak up some parts a little then we would be ready to go. Just like, change our phrases/make them shorter and edit/clean up the visuals. For rankings, we got first place.

Here is our fourth draft, we changed the words up, tried to experience with a new font and add a filter on the food to make it look more like a drawing since the other visuals were too. For the rankings, we got third place. 

Finally, our fifth draft, we decided to trash the idea of using a new font, we decided that we liked our old one better. We also, did had a little finishing touch with the words, then we were done! 

Next, is the food/drink. My group wanted to make some food that the would look appealing/taste good for the audience and be easy to transport. Since Curry was way too hard to transport, we looked at making Lassi. Lassi is a Sikh drink that is basically a mango flavoured yogurt smoothie. We also decided on making sugar cookies with orange icing on top. 

Next, the fourth step, our activity, the activity that we did was a sort of Jeopardy, if you’d like to check it out, click here. The majority of the information was on the poster except for the bonus questions.

Now for the last step before presenting, was our station planning/appearance, since I was so busy and with all of these things on my mind about the exhibition, I did not think about taking pictures so to make an easier visual for you, here is a drawing bellow. 

So, those orange boxes that you see are exactly in the name, they to show our very best pictures from the sikh temple that we visited. Next to our left box, we have our photo documentaries that are basically a slideshow of the best pictures that we took of the religious sites with a specific theme, mine was symbols. Here is a link if you would like to watch it. Then, we have our activity followed by the food and another box with our poster drafts. 

We were also presenting our photo documentaries which were our best photos from our feild studies to all the religious sites that we went to as a class.  Here is mine if you’d like to watch it.


In conclusion, just like what I said at the beginning, this exhibition which was thought to be super stressful, was not. This proves that when you are well prepared, you stress a lot less. I really enjoyed this experience and I’m super excited to do it again! I think that my group worked very well together, we all split our tasks equally for example, Jude was in charge of the Jeopardy game, Rhiann and I were in charge of food, and so on. We also all presented pretty well, we spoke clearly and loud enough. 

See you in my next blog post!