Exhibition Poster & making the exhibition snack

Hey guy so basically this is the second in a series of post that will lead to one overall reflection post. If you want to read the first on e the link is here. 

In the program that I’m in at my school every winter we have a winter exhibition which each grade showcases what they have learned, they do so with a driving question and project. For my grade we were divided into 6 different groups and each group was given a sertain religion and we hade to make a poster, a snack, our photo documentaries, a station and our poster drafts. In this post I will be talking about our poster and the snack we made so let’s get started.

First I’m going to talk about the poster. Our first draft, my group ( Alex, Kaden, Jude ) thought was really good but our teacher gave us sixth place for it.

Our second draft got us second place but it needed a ton of work.

Our third draft finally got us up to number one yay that was awesome and we enjoyed being on top.

Our fourth and final draft brought us down to third place sadly but it was awesome being in first while it lasted.


Now let’s change subjects to the snack “yum”.

Each group hade to make a snack so my group took about two days trying to decide what we are going to make as a snack, but we finally decided on a traditional Punjabi drink (the religion that our teacher gave us was Sikhism which originated in Punjab, India) the drink is called Lassi. But we decided that if people didn’t want to try it that we should offer something else as well so we made cookies and we tried putting the Sikh symbol but that failed so we just put regular icing on top. Here are the recipes we used:

Cookie recipe


Lassi recipe

Hope you enjoyed this and stay tuned for the next post.

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