How it started, How it’s going

Hello again, (probably) and thank you for being here. For the past couple of weeks all my blog posts have been apart of the blogging challenge so it’s nice to have a change of pace a project post! The project we have been working on for the past month is our “How it started how its going” project. This project takes us through the medieval and renaissance worldview, compared to our western worldview, seeing the changes and trying to analyze why all this matters. We eventually have to show all of our learning through a virtual exhibit. Theres a lot to go through so I’ll start with what worldview is.

Worldview is the way you see the world and society based on 7 different factors: Time, Geography, Society, Economy, Values, Beliefs, and Knowledge. An example for time would be the way we valued, used, and thought of today versus how it was valued, use and thought of in the renaissance. Remember that as you read through.

Just like how this blog post has an introduction, our project had an introduction as well. We were introduced to a meme. The meme shows a difference of someones life over time, for example how a woman replaced her boyfriend with a dog. Our first 2 days of the project were spent making our own meme, the “how its going side” was how we felt in September, and the “how its going side” is how we feel today. This is my demo meme:

The reason we made the meme was to know what one of our final results will be for this project. The final result of our project was to make a virtual museum about the 7 aspects of worldview through the renaissance, middle ages, and today visually demonstrating our learning.

But in order to make a museum we must learn many things, in more depth what is worldview is and why it matters. We have already established that worldview is the way to view and believe the world to be based on 7 aspects. We used a mind map show what we already know about worldview like this: I will use my worldview as an example, my worldview is created from the fact I was born in England, making me react to many cultural differences in Canada. The way I used to view knowledge as the amount of information someone can hold affected my worldview on what I thought can and cannot be achieved, but thanks to the “Growth Mindset Challenge” my view on knowledge has become the way you use information you have gained through experience, now making me see that many more things are possible. 

Now we know what worldview is, but why does it matter? If your worldview is the way you view the world, and your life depends on the world, it might as well be called life view. The 7 aspects not only effect how you see the world, but because of that your life changes significantly and your choices to as well. A good example is political opinions and democratic elections. Each party has its own worldview, and you agree or disagree with that worldview and with that you either support or go against that party. Your worldview can also allow you to have an open mind, and maybe change your worldview.

Now we are in milestone 2 and now we have to take our first shot at demonstrating our worldview through our ipads. We took a bunch of photos we had that showed the 7 aspects of worldview and put them into a collage. This was mine: Im glad we learnt to do this as it helped me how to visually show worldview.

Over the course of a few weeks we studied more on renaissance and medieval times, what made them what they were, how many people thought Christianity was a fact, how people were worth different values, and how harsh labour was treated. We also learnt about how in the renaissance after all of those events Humanism became very popular, and people started to see importance in people and not profit. We then took this knowledge into doing Milestone 3, a written test where we had to show our understanding of our worldview, and either the renaissance or medieval times using 1-2 worldview aspects, giving us a way to construct our knowledge.

After doing all that work we are separated into 7 groups for our 7 aspects of worldview. I was put into the time group with Nolan, Dylan, Luca, Ariane, and Cooper. Our goal was to go deeper into what the worldview of time is in todays, medievals, and the renaissance society. We had to demonstrate our understanding of this through paintings. This was a challenge we overcame as it’s hard to find art that represents time without all having clocks. As our understanding deepened we started to write arguments on what our aspect is, how it is shown and why it matters.

Each person in our group had a specific role to make sure we got everything done on time for our exhibit. 

Ariane: DRI (Directly Responsible Individual)

Nolan: Techie

Me: Room Designer

Luca: Art Designer

Dylan: Writer

Cooper: Flex

A little later into the project and this is where we start to multitask. Our time group is where we do everything now. Having to take the art we thought demonstrated our aspect, and using the app “SuperImposeX” to make it into a meme, making an artist statement which we record audio of and put into our museum, having the room designer (me) design our exhibition, such as where does the art go, where does lighting go and why. With the help of the techie, this was my floor plan:

Over the course of a stressful week, we finish everything and our exhibition was complete. But unfortunately this isn’t where you see our big reveal yet. Because not only is our exhibition open for people to see, we did a zoom call from home presenting our work, but not in our worldview groups.

Thats right, everyone now had a new group to work with, these groups are based of our roles I talked about early, so I was in the Room Designer group with Max, Ines, Clare, Colton, Gwen, and Xander. In the presentation it was our goal to explain how and why our job as room designers helped answer this projects driving question, the driving question being “What can we learn from the past, and why does it matter to us today?

The Room Designers job is to take all of our work, and make it a real visual thing, we helped answer the question by presenting in a understandable format. Like a guide to follow.

Now im sure you want to see our work and go to the museum you can do so here. After all that work, and all that reading here is my meme, and the answer to the driving question:

What can we learn from the past, and why does it matter to us today? We can learn just about anything from the past. Especially with todays technology, want to know where the clock came from? Sure, the revolutions? Obviously. We can also learn why our society believes and does certain things, the reason people don’t work on Sunday is because Christianity was so prominent with going to church on Sunday.

Learning about the past shows us the history of our society which let us form our own fully understood worldview. For me, I saw how people in the renaissance who were lower on the social ladder were treated lesser, making me realize my worldview on society is drastically more empathetic then it actually was.

Thats what I’ve been doing for the past month, there was a lot of work to go through with a lot of people but im very proud of the end result. I suggest you check out other peoples blog post on this project as everyones experience was a little different. I’ve learnt a lot throughout this project and will remember it for a long time.



  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this! What do you think really shifted about your empathy? I’m curious to hear. Great documentation of your creation process.

    1. Hi Ms Wilemse, thank you for reading. I believe my worldview has become more empathetic after seeing how apathetic society used to be. If people weren’t put under a harsh social ladder or given a value, I would never have those events to make me think “Wow, if these things are happening in society I should be empathetic and give people a chance to learn”.

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