Day 7 Emoji: The Tortoise

The emojis you see above me were randomly selected by an emoji generator. This of course is for blogging challenge day 7, where I have to take 6 or 7 emojis and construct into a story with a beginning middle and end. In addition to that I have to follow a story chart that looks like this: Once upon a time, Everyday, Until one day, because of that, because of that, up until, ever since then. This is my story:

Once upon a time, there were a box of fries on a counter, just like any other day. Then, slowly but surely a tortoise creeped up on the fries, snatching them for themselves. This was the tortoises source of food.

Every day, while eating the fries they would take a walk through the same path, same time, with the same happy grin. Everyone in the neighbourhood knew the tortoise and had a spark of joy seeing them waddling around. 

But one day, the tortoise had a  took a different route, at a different time, but of course with the same grin. The lack of shade on this new path let the blinding sun in.

Because of that, the tortoise had a bright glare in their eyes, blinding them, causing the tortoise to not see they were being kidnapped! Blissfully unaware until a man scooped them up and took them to the mans shack.

Because of that the neighbourhood locals didn’t see the tortoise having their walks. They decided to search and search for the tortoise. But unfortunately no one could find them.

Up until one day, a woman fishing by a lake saw a man holding a suspiciously moving bag. She was shocked to see a tortoise stick its leg out. She decided to follow the man into his shed because of the tortoise thief myth. However when she went in she didn’t she a man and a tortoise she saw a terrified man and a ghost tortoise. Turns out the tortoise died from the plastic bag they were in. The woman and the man ran out terrified, and ever since then  the ghost tortoise was never seen again…

That was a strange story to write. I didn’t know where to go with it for a while hence why this is late (sorry). Eventually I managed to find a fun story that I hope made sense. Hopefully ill see you lurking on my next post, until then!

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  1. Hi Alfie, I liked reading your story about the tortoise very much. I relate to the tortoise because I also eat fries sometimes.

    Max Rasmussen.

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