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I’ve just completed the last Scimatics project “Time is Money” !! Once it hits May I stop counting time and forget that the end of the year is coming up. This is actually being posted on the last day of Grade 9!

Above you’ll see the final video explaining what this project is and what our final product was, so make sure you watch that.

I decided on bass recording commissions because I literally could not think of anything else to do, it seemed like the easiest thing to do given what I had.

Our next job was to create the graph that you saw in the video, it was necessary to create our equation. It took me a minute to understand the equation but once I did it was relatively simple.

This is a good segue into the fact that I am very bad at math, and I really struggled with the Khan Academy quizzes. It was genuinely embarrassing. Linear equations don’t seem to hard but I overthink and make everything harder in my head, also Khan Academy is wierd.

Either way I managed to use the equations I made to create the graphs that you also saw in the video. After that it was time to create said video! This was a relatively simple process, creating a keynote video and them putting voice over in it.

Understanding and Reflecting:

– I believe I am accomplished at this competency, in my service I accounted for all time and resources used.

Communicating and Presenting:

– I believe I am accomplished at this competency, all my graphs accurately predict my services future finances with the equation that I gave it.

Connecting and Reflecting:

– I believe I am accomplished at this competency, my video compares my service to other jobs and wages. My video also goes over the environmental impact that my service creates.

Here’s the last Scimatics driving question:

“How can we predict our finances?”

You can predict your finances by figuring our how much it costs to create your product, and how much your time is worth. Then using this equation:

y=(Saleprice – expenses/time)x + -startup cost

After that you can plug it into “Desmos” and be able to predict your finances, assuming nothing changes.

This is the last Scimatics blog, and the last overall blog of the year. PLP 9 has been a lot of fun and I’ve learnt alot. I won’t be continuing PLP in future years so this is where my end begins. I hope you’ve all learnt how not to pass class.

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