Day 9: Celebration

Hello again, (probably) to another blogging challenge, day 9, the ninth day. Today im going to talk about something my family and I celebrate that is special to us. However my family doesn’t celebrate anything specific for us, or do anything annually. However we do celebrate something different.

My family celebrates Christmas slightly differently, we open some small gifts on Christmas Eve, then on Christmas day it stays generally the same. If you want to know the reason for these we need to look at some geography. Although I said im from England in my Day 4 blog post, when you get to the grandparents of my mothers side, you go to Germany. Where my grandmother lived in Germany, her family celebrated entirely on Christmas Eve. My mom adopted this tradition since she hung out with my grandmother a lot. However my dad celebrates Christmas entirely on Christmas day. So when my mom & dad met they came a compromise and celebrated both days. This carried on to me as well.

Christmas is a holiday I celebrate differently, but its not my favourite. My favourite festivity is halloween, going out with friends at night messing around and getting candy is the best way to spend time. I have a photo of me on halloween my favourite halloween:

This blog post was very easy to make but still really fun since I was able to look back at family history. I suggest checking out other blogs to see what everyone else celebrates. Hopefully see you lurking again.

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  1. That dinosaur costume is just amazing, never gets old.

    Interesting family history on Christmas as well. The only thing I disagree about is that in my very professional opinion, Christmas is a better holiday. I would rather get presents over a bag of candy, but I guess we have to agree to disagree.

    Good work tho!

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