Meiosis & Mitosis Models | Scimatics 9

I’ve just completed the Scimatics project “Meiosis models”. In which we learn about cell reproduction through meiosis and mitosis. Attached above is the final product in a video presentation.

As per usual in a Scimatics project we went through workbooks to learn about the stages in M&M (Mitosis and Meiosis). These workbook are important to learn about the concepts in this project and complete the final product.

All the models we made were in TinkerCad:

These models were made to represent

  • Interphase
  • Prophase
  • Metaphase
  • Anaphase
  • Telophase
  • Cytokinesis

These were initially a challenge as TinkerCad is a new software to me but I figured it out. Which helped greatly in creating meiosis models:

The process of Meiosis is quite different. The first half is similar to Mitosis which is handy for me, but it actually does the whole process over a second time. So there were a lot more models to make. 

Since the start of this project every got to plant garlic and watch it grow. The point of this being that part way through its growth we were going to get into groups of 2 and look at the roots to find different stages of mitosis.

Later we did a second lab more professional slides, which helped us significantly in identifying different possible stages in mitosis.

Around this time we took a Khan Academy quiz on M&M. This is pretty standard of a Scimatics project. I did learn quite a bit as the videos attached were very helpful.

When it came to “planning and conducting” with the labs. I think Zach and I accomplished this quite well. It helped that instructions were easy to follow, but we did a good job in correctly using all the equipment and taking clear photos.

When it came to “scientific communication” in the video. My video was narrated with the models, and I showed some similiarities and differences with the 2 processes. I was not able to put as much time and energy into it as I had hoped, and the outcome could definitely be a more sophisticated explanation. I would say I was developing there.

As the rest of this project was working on previously mentioned video, we are at the end of this project. So here is our appropriately themed driving question:

“How is the reproduction of cells essential to the survival of organisms?”

The reproduction of cells is essential because it is our only way of creating more life. If we were to abandon it then after our death no one would come after us. Reproducing cells is how we continue a species of organisms.

As the end of the year rolls around and everything starts to pile on. So im happy with the fact that although I dont understand everything yet, I have learnt a lot and know how to continue my learning when this project ends.

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