Student Blogging Challenge

Woah…It’s Student Blogging Challenge Week 3!

Hi! It’s Amy

For the first task of the  Student Blogging Challenge Week 3, we had to write a post about copyright rules. This is a very important topic that not many people know about, so here is some more information on it!

Copyright is a  law that protects original work.  A work includes literary, written, dramatic, artistic, musical and certain other types of works. For example, you couldn’t take a video of a movie and post it on YouTube.

How do you find images that aren’t copyrighted? There are lots of websites and software programs you can use. Here are some!


1. You could make your own image! Try using a program like Procreate or Sketches Pro.

2. Use a free image website! There are a lot of them that are really easy to find.

3. Take the image yourself! This is a great way to get a copyright free image and use your photography skills!


For the second task, we had to make an image. We could draw something, take a photo, create an image, basically anything. I chose to take a photo. I used one of the photos that I took in Oregon. My class recently went there, and on the last night of our trip we went to this beautiful beach and saw the most incredible sunset ever. The sky looked like cotton candy and rainbow sherbet all in one. This photo is of one of my friends Nya . She is a amazing ballet dancer, and I got this shot of her mid-leap. I like how she is right in the middle of the sun, and she looks like a silhouette.




For the next task, we had to make picture prompts using copyright free images. I chose to make a series of these, and all of them represent fairytales. I have 3 fairytales made out of images. Try to guess what they are!







How many did you get? Well, that’s the post! See you next time!

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