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RUNning Into A Lot Of Trees And Swamps

Hello to all of my incredible blog readers! This is my very, very, VERY first blog post of Grade 9!!

*insert trumpet noises here*

Okay, now that our mini celebration is over, it is now time to get into our project! First of all, what even was our project?

                 What Was Running a Remake?

In Running a Remake, we were tasked with recreating a short film. We had to match up the audio, video, transitions, credits, costumes, settings, and all the other details to the original film EXACTLY. I’ll let you watch the original video right here!

Okay, so let’s get into how we recreated that, starting with the driving questions, and some of the milestones that I found helped me the most with completing this project.

Driving question

How might we learn video skills by recreating a short film?

Let’s answer this driving question. I learned video skills by recreating a short film by shooting at angles, creating audio clips to match videos, editing a film, planning for filming, and by working with a “production” team.

Here are the milestones that I found to be the most helpful!

This was the first milestone of our project. We were tasked with making a short video about ourselves. We had to say our name, some of our hobbies, and provide videos that showed us doing our hobbies. This milestone helped me because I learned some basic video skills, and I learned how to create a video in a tight time frame! Here is my final video!



This was a milestone that helped me and my group a lot. We got assigned our group, and then we made a plan for how we were going to make our final video recreation. My group was Logan, Sophia, and Ethan. I have put in our plan, and you can see there how we divided up the tasks and how we planned for our video. This milestone really helped everyone see how we were actually going to accomplish creating the video, and it was very beneficial in many aspects.

A Plan for Creation

Now that you have looked at my milestones, let’s talk about the video itself. We started by filming our first video. This video was basically our first draft, but it still had to be extremely good quality. You can watch that video now.

Then, we made our actual video. I think that in the second video, we payed attention to the small details more, like the stripes on the sweater. Here is our final video!

In terms of comparing the two videos, I have a tough time deciding which one is better. The first one has less of the details that the second one has, but the shots and angles are better in the first one. If you were to match it up to the original video, I think that the second one would watch more, however, I think that the first one has some better shots and angles.

Now its time for………CURRICULAR COMPETENCIES!!!!!

We had only one competency for this project: Innovative Designer.

Innovative Designer: How might I design a solution to a problem, process, or challenge?

I designed a solution to this challenge by:

  • Finding inspiration from the original video, other groups, and my teachers.
  • Listening to the perspectives of my classmates, my group, my family, and my teachers.
  • Applying feedback given to my group directly onto our video.


Well folks, that was it! I hope that you enjoyed our video, and that you enjoyed hearing about the project. This was quite the project to start with, and I am looking forward to writing more posts and doing new projects. See you in the next one!




p.s. here is a fun little bonus video 🙃

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I love this post! Your outtakes really made me smile. Looks like you all had some fun even while working so hard!

Hey there! I really enjoyed reading your blog post! I thought your video turned out fantastic and it looks like a lot of thought went into it. I also enjoyed how you went over different parts of the project and how they went into the final product. Great job on the post!

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