Good morning all you podcast lovers, bloggers, internet surfers, and those wishing to learn more about indigenous rights. Welcome to a place of learning, and a place of catching up on sleep. That’s what I need for my post-production process! As always prepare yourself for a story of paradigm shifts, big realizations, mistakes, fixes, and really short timelines.

The Podcast

This Podcast was a large undertaking for me. I’ve never done a podcast before, and it’s always interesting trying out a new form of media. Considering that I did all of the work for it in one week, I’m fairly proud of myself.

Take a look and see what I learned

The Project

Driving Question:

How Did Lives and Conditions Change and Stay the Same for Canadians after WWII?

The Initial Project was to work in pairs to research, interview, write a script, record, edit and create a soundtrack for your own podcast (one 8-10 min episode), in 2 weeks. On the first week I got sick, and missed the first half of production. My partner, Kiyaan was moving quickly, and was basically done production by the time I was better. It wouldn’t have been fair to him or my learning if I were to rejoin him just for editing, so my project was changed.

My Project:

How Did Lives and Conditions Change and Stay the Same for Indigenous peoples After WWII?

I now had one week to create a podcast about a minority in Canada from 50’s till now. I chose to research the lives and conditions of Indigenous peoples from the 50’s till now. I had one week to research, write, record, edit, and publish my podcast, thankfully because I only had a week, my teacher, Ms.Maxwell exempted me from needing to incorporate interviews into the podcast. This saved me a lot of time, but it was still a scramble!

The Process

Research, which was supposed to finished by Monday, took a bit longer than expected, it was surprisingly difficult to find sources about the 1950’s and indigenous people’s lives. The majority of sources only focused on residential schools, and indigenous communities today, which really is only the tip of the iceberg.

With that in mind, I didn’t finish the research until Wednesday, then on Wednesday I begun to write the script, and continued that into Thursday. In class on Thursday I recorded the whole thing in the supply closet of the library, and then I edited the whole thing that evening. I then attempted to upload it to soundcloud, failed many times, and finally got the upload finished at my grandma’s when the wifi began to work.


The whole time I was doing that project, I was catching up. Not a great state of mind to be in, nobody likes to scramble. However, I’m really proud that I got it finished when I needed to, and I’m proud in the ways I adapted during the production process. I always had a schedule, the schedule was always changing, but I believe that’s the only way to really get something done. Life is not ridged or structured or planned, and things will ALWAYS go amiss, but just because the ball is moving does not mean you can’t stay on top of it.

I would like to say that I’m exited to rejoin my classmates and work alongside them again, after this spring break. But I can’t, it is the year of COVID, and I find myself in a position new to me. I am curious to see if, and if so, how PLP will react to the cancellation of “in class learning”. I wonder if we will have out-of-class-learning, in which case I will be excited to virtually learn alongside my class once more.

untill then, I will explore my at-home life, and delve into the waters of my creative mind. Maybe I’ll even post about it. Stay tuned, this will be a Thrilling, and Intriguing Adventure!