Reflection on user guide

I learned that writing about myself is easier than I thought it would be (I don’t write about myself much). I enjoyed writing about myself as if I was a piece of technology, rather than a human being and telling the “owner” what to do if I’m in a bad mood and whatnot. It was also fun to write the troubleshooting part. In the process of writing it, I realized that it’s easier to describe yourself as if you were a piece of technology, rather than describing yourself as a human because humans are difficult to describe. Anyway, I enjoyed writing about myself more than I thought I would. I enjoy writing but not really writing about myself. If I am asked to write about myself again, I will probably use this format. I also feel more confident writing about myself now. It would be interesting to write about others this way too. Maybe if someone asks me to write about them, I will use this format too. Also, the Memoji was super fun. Again, I’m not that good at describing myself in normal ways, so it was cool to visualize my interests. That was probably my favourite part of the User Guide. It was also cool to learn how to “customize” my Memoji’s laptop with keynote’s stickers.


This is my Memoji laptop. I had a lot of fun customizing it, although I wish you could add stickers to your actual Memoji and see them in messages. I chose the Bunsen burner, exploding beaker and goggles because I like science. I chose the sound clapper board because I like acting. I chose the anarchy sign because sometimes a little chaos spices up the situation.