Hello again to the one or two people who read my blog. I’m back with another post, this time about, you guessed it, my latest project! This time, we learned about making a film, which was really interesting, considering I do some work in the film industry. It was fun to be on the other side of the camera.

We started this project off by getting an idea approved for a film. My topic was airsoft. We then wrote treatments and log lines for our movie topic. The goal was to create a mini documentary about our topic by the end of the project.

Throughout the project, we watched mini documentaries each day, which was a really cool way to dive headfirst into the whole topic we were studying. my personal favorite was a documentary titled Silence, which was about the hardest rock climb in the world. I found it to be really simplistic and minimalistic in the way that they presented the whole topic and the problems that had to be faced to accomplish finishing the climb, which in the end, was incredibly impressive. There was very little music and like the title suggests, it was pretty much silent, aside from the yelps that came from a man hanging upside down 45 meters above the ground, whose name is Adam Ondra.

Next thing we did was research and plan for our documentaries. For me, since I’m an avid player and already know quite a lot about airsoft, most of my prep was planning, but also researching about the laws surrounding the sport. Next, we made a screenplay. this involved quite a lot of revision and approval. We also made storyboards, which I really enjoyed doing. After that, all that was left was to film and edit.

This was a really cool project. There wasn’t a lot to it, and I definitely wish we started it a little bit earlier in the year, because I feel like if I had maybe two more weeks to work on my documentary, It could have been really professional seeming. Nonetheless, I am really really proud of my documentary. It’s about something I really love and it was super fun to be kind of a representative of the sport in the form of doing this documentary and interviewing fellow players for the documentary. I was originally going to interview a very prominent member of the airsoft community, but he unfortunately had to attend a wedding that he found out about last minute, so we weren’t able to get an interview in.

I guess that’s pretty much it. I learned a lot of stuff from this project that I feel I’ll use a lot in my life. I really hope we do more projects like this in the future. Here’s my final documentary:

I hope you enjoyed all 477 words of this blog post and I’ll see you next time.


– Dylan