The Egalitarian Party of Canada⚖️

Heyo! Welcome back to my blog! Todays post is about our newest project. The recent Canadian federal election just took place, so for our first big project this year, it’s all about creating our own political party, and our views and ideas on how the government should be run and structured. We use the information we learnt about the Canadian government and its structure from our classes, and lectures. We were put into groups, with similar views. My group consists of Ciara, Kaia, fraser and me! 

The party we created is called the Egalitarian Party of Canada, EPC for short.  Our party is based on the principles of equality to bring all of Canada together. Take a look at our statement of intent poster “Our mission is to build an economically strong, environmentally sound, and increasingly diverse Canada through our political plan”

Our party is unique and special because, instead of forcing people away from each other based on wealth, and taxing the wealthy out of all their money. Our mission is to set up government programs where the more wealthy can donate straight to the less fortunate. These programs will impact them and their communities greatly.

We plan to make sure diversity at many levels of government by making sure that all the people of Canada, with different backgrounds, ethnicities, gender, sexuality, that they are included in every government establishment by providing education, training and making sure opportunities are there for everyone, and anyone in need. 

We will also correct the current unsuccessful voting system that we use today. The Canadian people actually choose to vote for the party more precisely represented, not only federal but local as well. 

The Egalitarian Party of Canada is a open minded liberal party, who’s goal is bringing Canadians together through equality and diversity. 

Our main and more important priorities are, allowing the more wealthy the chance to give of their own free will instead of taxing out of it, changing the electoral system to a Proportional Representation system, ensuring diversity in all governmental institutions by providing the necessary tools to those individuals.

Thank you for learning about our political party today! I hope you find an interest to our party, vote EPC!

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