My users manual

The driving question for this project was How can we creativity communicate who I am we started by making mentor texts and inspecting different videos and people for example when the apple event was live we made questions and comments about it. After that we start on our very rough draft of our Memoji and users manual on my first draft I wasn’t sure really what to right about but as I slowly got into it, my users manual became better and better. I learnt how to show who I am in different media such as text and photo


Milestone 2 we worked on the start of our Memoji mine started out with too little stickers and too many basketball related stickers with the help of advice from peers and teacher I removed one of the three basketball  and added an Canada sticker, the teacher approved it and I was done on my Memoji I thought I did quite well although I made mistakes.


Milestone 3 In milestone 3 I made my outline and rough draft of my users manual I based it off the example of the teachers users manuals in class. I started with no extra categories and just the base template

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