Advertising Reflection

So we are nearing the end of our second project; I’ve learnt a lot about ads, and my drafts have come a very long way. Although none of my ad drafts got picked out of my group to be sent to the raven, I provided constructive feedback and comment on other ads.

We started this project by learning about the ads and learning about what is medium and message. We did a few stepping stones and milestones during this phase, such as analyzing ads, finding the target audience of these ads and the methods they used. I thought this first milestone was relatively easy, but I sure didn’t know that it would become much more challenging. After that milestone, we worked on smaller and easier stepping stones such as the advertising survey where we answered questions then got a person older than you to answer the same ones, then we compared them. This was one of my favourite parts of the project as the answers from age group to age group were dramatically different, which interested me.

One of the main things about this project was making the ads for the business you had. My group and I got the 4th choice for a company, and we chose the raven pub and liquor store. I thought this was the right choice because you can make a lot out of the rustic wooden theme.

In my first draft, I didn’t change much from the Canva template because I wasn’t sure how to use the app, and I was learning how to use it. I was quite happy with my first draft and got feedback from my group to change the font and make it less like a canva template.

I was less happy with the turn out of my second draft as I thought it looked too modern. I didn’t get feedback as I was sick, so I reflected on what I could change; I decided to make it more rustic and add a better colour theme

My third one was probably my favourite as I put all the feedback and reflecting on one draft, and it turned out well. If I could change one thing about it, I would try to blend the food to the background more and make it a bit less modern.

In the end, we used none of the mines for the three drafts we sent to the raven, but I gave some detailed information and feedback on those draft that did get sent

In conclusion, I enjoyed this project for the graphic design part and working in a group and improving from feedback.

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