Revolutions on Trial

Have you ever wondered if the American revolution was effective, or was it just a waste of time? In this most recent project, we answered this in the courtroom. This project looked into how revolutions happen, what they do, and why they happen. As a result, we knew everything about our revolution and courtroom work […]

Chemistry Coding

Chemistry and coding, you probably think they have nothing similar, but in this project we just finished, we combined them into fun interactive games and simulators. We started this project out by finding out what we knew about the matter and questions we have for the future of this project; we ended up making a […]

The More Things Change 🦫

What did European settlement mean for all the people involved? This is the question we answered throughout this project; we knew all about Canada’s complete history and the three groups involved, the French, the British, and the First Nations. Each of these groups was affected differently; in this blog post, I’ll talk about how each […]

Built To Last

My group and I just finished DI, probably one of our most significant, most stressful projects. If you don’t know how Destination imagination works, it’s a challenge where you get tasked to complete one of 4 challenges engineering, science, fine arts and technology. In DI, you compete against kids worldwide; this year was a little […]