Battle of Givenchy

In the past couple weeks we have been working on another project, I found this project pretty interesting as we used a new app to create our final product and the project overall taught me a lot about history. In the end we had a lot of freedom to create our own stories and make them our way which I also really liked.

Driving question: How might we use graphic novels to understand Canada’s involvement in World War One.

My answer: My understanding of WW1 developed greatly throughout this project as we learnt about Canada’s involvement in many battles and events. I enjoyed creating a graphic novel as our final product as we had more freedom is changing around or adding to the stories we were writing about while still producing a interesting story with eye catching artwork.

My final comic:

The final product for this project was a comic book (10-20 panels) about World War One (WWI). This was an individual project which meant that everyone in my class made their own comic. We combined all of the comics into one big one about the different battles in WWI and what happened. My topic was not my first choice as I wanted to get the Battle of Ypres 2 but I needed up getting the battle of givenchy

The start of the project was very interesting, we learnt a lot about the underlying causes of the war and what lead to up to the start of it. We learnt about tensions what were already taking place and the main event that supposedly started the war, Franz Ferdinand getting assassinated. Around this time we also learnt a lot about what makes a great comic book and different styles that enhance the story, I used to read a lot of comic books when I was younger so I didn’t need to learn that much about them.

After we talked a bit about the underlying issues that caused the war we went more in depth into event that took place during the war. To learn more about this we read a graphic novel called 1917. I believe that reading this comic and taking notes on it really helped me create my final product as you could see the different comic method they used in 1917 and you could take inspiration on different parts of the story as it was realistic.

Next we had to research our specific topics. As I said previously I chose the battle of givenchy and the 1st and 2nd attack. We had to start our research with creating a 5Ws chart (who, what, where, when, why). As I researched I realized that I was accidentally researching the wrong battle, there were two different battles of givenchy one with Canadian involvement and one without so then I had to restart all of my research which kind of sucked. I feel like I had a great understanding of what happened at givenchy and could write a knowledgeable, accurate and detailed story spine and story board that would lead to a great story.

Look at the planning documents below ⬇️

Overall I learnt quite a bit in this project and I found it very interesting I would like to do another project about history maybe ww2 as I’m starting to enjoy history a bit more. But that’s all for now, thanks for reading

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