Case for a nation

What is nationalism and how does the past affect us today? Well in this project we dived deeper into these questions. We started this this project with an making a video about Canadian stereotypes on the first day, we based this video of a TikTok trend called “Canadian check”. In this video we represented many common Canadian stereotypes such as hockey, maple syrup, snow, igloos and being nice. We based our video on a couple of the main stereotypes, curling, hockey, terry fox, loonies and drake.

As the project went fourth we learnt about nationalism and how it affects our world. We researched many different examples of nationalism from the Crimean War, Indian Nationalism Italian Nationalism,German Nationalism and American Nationalism. We look into and depicted different aspects of these things such as dates, what happened, who did what, when it happened and why it happened. We found that nationalism is something that connects a  collective group of people such as religion, beliefs, geography, and culture.

The next thing we did was our current event presentation, we had to relate our current event presentations to the aspects of nationalism. We asked ourselves a couple of questions, How does this connect with the idea of nationalism? Does it connect to any topics of identity? Explain. Does it connect to any topics of historical perspective of interest? I based my current events around the Russia Ukraine conflict, I found that both sides of the situation expressed nationalistic ideologies. I looked at both sides of the conflict and tried to make sense of both reasonings I found that both Russia and Ukraine had a nationalist reasoning on the actions they did. From this presentation I learnt to look at both sides of the picture and how to find historical perspective and how to see nationalist ideas.

Now it was time to start working on the final part of this project of creating an Instagram post about our topics. we were first tasked with making 3 images and a caption based on our given topic. I topic I was given was the Hudson Bay company, I wanted to relate my images to the development of the economy and how the fur trade affected the Canada we live in today. I made three different types of images, the drawn on image, the quote and the the your choice. These were my 3 images 

The next time we met in class we had to pick one photo of each person from our topic groups. We ended up choosing my quote image and then we had to combine all of our captions into one really good one. Our final caption was The Hudson’s Bay Company was an integral part of the creation and development of Canada. The Hudson’s Bay Company was founded May 2, 1670 in London, England by French traders Médard Chouart des Groseilliers and Pierre-Esprit Radisson. The company has become a symbol of Canadian nationalism, considering that it played such a large part in the Fur Trade and the development of the Canadian economy. It affects many different groups of people such as the indigenous communities and Europeans fur traders.

Finally we finished most of our work and it’s time to finish the instagram post, unluckily the teacher has not uploaded the Instagram posts so I’ll update this post when they are uploaded

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