Loon Lake

A couple weeks back the PLP 8s and 9s went on our first Field Study, we went to a lake near Maple Ridge named Loon Lake. Although this sounds like a retreat and a break for a week it definitely wasn’t we still had quite a bit of work and the teachers called it a learning advance. During this trip we focused on DI and our 7 habits book, a lot of the time was dedicated to working on 7 habits workbooks, working on DI scripts and stories and working on our loon lake workbook. Through this blog post I’ll talk about the whole overnight trip.

What was the place like? The lake and scenery was amazing it wasn’t near any civilization so you could just see trees upon trees and so much nature all around. The whole place was so much different than Vancouver and I found it interesting how a 45 minute drive can change the environment so much. The facilities were also so nice. We were right on the lake and could see everything. We slept in these big lodges that had a log cabin and cozy design, finally the eating hall was scattered with paintings and wood carvings. The place greatly exceeded my expectations and it was overall really nice.

What did we actually learn and work on? Like I said before our learning was focused on two things D.I and the the 7 Habits Books by Sean Covey. We were required to start a Personal Bank Account (PBA) around a week before we left on this trip. A PBA is way for you to track good things you’ve done and bad things you’ve done. For example you would withdraw points when you didn’t take time to renew your self or you were dishonest with your self and you would add points if you were kind to someone or you helped someone. The PBA helped me realize the good and bad things I was doing and it made me start doing more and more good things.

The second think we worked on was D.I or destination imagination, I can’t go into to much detail about DI due to the fact that interference can get us disqualified. But overall we got plenty of work done for example we greatly improved our script and made our story so much better. I’m pretty happy with what I got done during the time we had

During the second day me and 5 other people ended up getting sick we had to isolate for a day and half and due to covid protocols we had to leave mid way through the trip and drive home, this really sucked because we missed laser tag and archery which were the things I was looking forward too.

Throughout this trip we kept a log of what we did everyday I only did a tiny bit of it because I left pretty early on in the trip. You can check it out here

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