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This project is closing into the end now, and it’s time to revise; I’ve come a long way in my whole project, from my advertising drafts with my group to my milestones 1-6.

 The project first started with Milestone 1. This is when I first learnt about advertising, We learnt about what the target audience is, and we analyzed a video by google; this ad was published by google and was made to sell the HomePod.

 My opinion and reflection on milestone 1, Milestone, went pretty smoothly, and I finished pretty quickly. I felt that I did well on this Milestone as I found the target audience and methods they used in their ads. This Milestone greatly helped me throughout the whole project as it was a start to advertising.

Another project I felt was useful to me was milestone 3. In this project, we took ads and pieces of media and took a different/historical point of view on them. I thought this was so interesting since most of these old ads wouldn’t be acceptable in today’s society. This assignment really helped me with the rest of the project because I learnt how to see an ad from a different point of view; this skill helps when trying to find the target audience.

Now I’m going to talk about my ad drafts and how I came to them. I’ve come a very long way from my first draft to my group’s final draft. This part of the project started out with us researching the techniques and appeals used in many great ads. I’m quite proud of my first ad, but I was sure it could have been better. I made this ad a bit to much like the template I used 

My second ad, on the other hand, looked too modern, and since the raven pub had a more rustic look, I knew I had to change that.

While I was happy with my second ad, somethings needed changes. So I mixed more of a rustic feel into a modern feel, and I got my third draft. I was pretty proud of this one 

Once I was done with the three drafts, my group and I made a group ad from all of our ideas. I wasn’t that happy with it as I thought there were a bit many things going on in that ad. In the next few days, we got feedback from many people, including A Professional in the advertising business, an apple employee and our teachers, and at the end of it all, we made this 

In conclusion we answered the driving question. How Does What We See,Hear,Read influence us? This is a question everyone in PLP 8 has been trying to answer, but with the help of our peer and teachers I think we finally found an answer. Advertisers use a variety of different techniques to appeal our emotional and physical senses such as see and hear, they use appealing sights and sounds to make us want to buy their product 

This project was a lot, but I’m happy I did it. I learn a lot in terms of advertising.

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