Lasers Laws


Over the past few weeks we’ve been working on learning about light. In this time I’ve learned about reflection, the Pythagorean theorem and light. At the start of this project I had very little knowledge and we made a mind map on what we thought we knew about light and questions we had about light


As you can see I had a lot of questions but by the end of the project we made a addition to this mindmap which answered all of these questions,  it all this hard work also answered the driving question “How can we test the Pythagorean theorem and the law of reflection”. My end result mindmap looked like this 

My learning developed immensely as I was able to answer almost all of my questions, although I am missing a few question I am pretty happy with how my learning developed. If I had some more time to learn about light then my mindmap would be a lot bigger with much more questions

Core competencies

Questioning and predicting: I got graded proficient in this competency but I have made an improvement as in last project I had a red mark in emerging/developing for one day as that day I messing around and didn’t focus all that good. Next time I hope that I can use all of my class time efficiency and get a extended on this competency, to do this I will spend extra time when I’m done assignments trying to make them better.

Communicating and representing: there was a few milestones and stepping stones that helped me in this competency one of which was the waves on a string assignment

This website really helped me visualize what amplitude and frequency does to waves. Overall this assignment really helped me visualize and helped me understand the workbooks a little bit more

Another milestone that helped me with this competency was the laser triangle design in this mile stone we had to make a right finagle using the laser simulator and check the triangle with the Pythagorean theorem. I had multiple tests and results as I tried 2 right angle triangles and one non right angle triangle 

This was my first draft that worked with the Pythagorean theorem in my lab analysis I calculated the area and the circumference of this triangle. This draft helped me visualize the laws of reflection and the Pythagorean theorem 

My second draft looked like this

This draft was a bit more exact in the calculations as in the first one I rounded it to the nearest 10th decimal. The same laws of reflection and the Pythagorean theorem apply with this triangle.

My last and final draft was not a right triangle as I wanted to see if they still worked with the Pythagorean theorem, to my surprise the laws of reflection are still relevant but the Pythagorean theorem isn’t.

Applying and innovating: I really improved in this competency as last time a got a proficient and now I got an extended. I think I improved on working with a group as I tried to become more of a leader while accepting others ideas. One milestone that we did that included this competency was milestone 5 our final milestone, in this milestone we had to work as a group to set up lasers and mirrors to make a real shape that included a right triangle. We decided on making a square with a line through it corner to corner which made it into 2 right triangles together.

We were all pretty happy with the end result and the whole project it’s self. Thank you for reading

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