Day 6 Student Blogging Challenge

Music is a big part of my life and has affected me in all different ways. In this blog post I be giving you a survey and a quiz and telling the rules of copyright about music.

There are many laws in using and redistributing music, for example in multiple songs you can use the song if you give full credits to the original artist in the description. In other songs you may be able use short clips or small parts of the song but if you use more than those small amounts specified you may be taken down and fined or you can get copy right strike. The final type is music where you can use it copyright free and you can use it anywhere. Any music with this symbol  you are not allowed to use it.

I made a survey to ask what is your favourite genre, song and artist you check it out here. I’m excited to take a look at your responses!

I also made a quiz about different types of music, top songs of different decades and more you can check it here. Good luck on the quiz 

In conclusion music is a big part of me and it’s made who I am today. Hope you enjoyed reading my blog

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