How it started / How it’s going 🌎

We’ve spent the last four weeks working hard on the most recent project about worldview, and I have learnt a lot from new apps and how to distinguish historical importance. From the start of the project, we were tasked to answer What can we learn from the past, and why does that matter to us today? Right away, we made drafts of how it started how it’s going memes, which would later evolve into our final art piece. Once we created this meme, we had to show our empowered learner competency by creating an exhibit to showcase our art. At this time, I wasn’t knowledgeable in aspects of museums and worldview

A few days later, we started studying the seven aspects of worldview and our worldview; we were tasked with making a collage that each shows one part of your worldview. Once we finished, we had to write about what each photo means and how those things have impacted our worldview. Around this time this when I started creating a personal and creative connection to my worldview 

Milestone 3 is when I started connecting medieval and Renaissance worldviews to ours today. In this milestone, we had to write an in-class history test on which aspects of world view in medieval and Renaissance worldview correlate to western world view. I wrote about the idea that many aspects of feudalism are in capitalism today. We took notes with a new note-taking method we learned called Cornell notes to prepare for this project. We had to take notes about Italy in the Renaissance, feudalism and the Black Death and different beliefs.

One of the final things we did before the live launch of the museum was milestone 5. In this milestone, we had to make another how it started how it’s going meme, but then how it started in a medieval or Renaissance art piece, and the how it’s going photo is a western world view version of the medieval art piece. I decided to choose this art piece  . In this art piece, there is a noble with peasants in the background working at his farm. I changed the farm into a factory and turned the noble into a CEO.

The final thing we did was do the museum opening, and you can go through the museum through the embed link
We also made a book to accompany you on your trip through the museum

Over the project I slowly found a answer for the question what can we learn from the past, and why does that matter to us today? The past matters to us today because the worldview back then still has many lingering effects today. Most of our worldview is a evolved version of medieval and Renaissance worldview. Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy the museum 


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