Day 10 student blogging challenge

Since spring break is coming up, I decided to make a blog post for spring break goals and plans. Right now, my basketball season is closed because of COVID 19, so I am planning to regularly practice and train so I can become better than ever once it starts again. Most of my goals have something to do with improving at basketball; my first goal is to do workouts every day and, by the end of spring, be able to do ten pull-ups flawlessly. I want to be able to do this to become stronger and power through people while going for a layup. Another plan I have for spring break is to practice shooting, dribbling or finishing for at least 1h30 every day, and by the end of spring break, I’m looking to become a better perimeter player. These are the plans and goals I’m working towards over spring break. I hope I can follow through and become a better player

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