Growth mindset challenge


We spent numerous weeks trying to better our mindset, and I think learning this paid off overall. We started this project learning about this question. What is a growth mindset? How can you change your mindset? What can your mindset do for you? To answer these questions, we made a digital book with each lesson as a reflection; in this book, you have to explain and answer all the questions and prompts, after looking at fixed mindset vs growth mindset, getting success from failing, and using our abilities to improve our learning. We started this project by learning about grit and perseverance. We learned that you first need passion and dedication to get grit. We knew that we had to try again to succeed, and we were encouraged to try to use this part of our mindset in our day-to-day life. After learning about grit, we took a test about grit; you can find that test here. after taking this test, we reflected on when we could use grit, where we could use grit and how we could use grit; you can see this on the first page of my book

Reflection 2 is when we talked about how a fixed mindset affects our skills, challenges, effort, feedback and setbacks and how to turn those subjects into a growth mindset. We looked at this photo, I found this photo quite interesting since I didn’t expect I had that much of a fixed mindset as I said many of these things, but I was determined to change that.

In reflection 3, we watched a video on how a growth mindset can help develop our intelligence; a growth mindset can help us succeed. With a growth mindset, you don’t give up on what your passionate about, and you keep on trying, which makes you learn by trying new and different things and experimenting. I can apply this to the real world and school; if I get a bad grade, I won’t get unhappy about it; I’ll try again or see if I revise because I learn from my mistakes

in reflection four we visited this idea that saying yet can help you. By saying yet, you stop yourself from saying I can’t or I won’t. If you say I can’t do this yet, we prevent ourselves from stopping, and we keep moving forward. I started saying, yet in basketball, when I was competing against my brother, I got frustrated with my skills, but I kept with it and said I can’t beat him yet, and what do you know I beat him? I found a growth mindset is beneficial.

In conclusion, I found that a growth mindset can make a difference. I kept all my records and reflections in a book you can find here


At the end of the project, we made a goal that we will keep with for the rest of the year mine is right here, and I’m pretty happy with it.



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