Week 11 blog post student blogging challenge

So we just finished our 10 day student blogging challenge, in this challenge we were tasked with making a blogpost every Tuesday and Wednesday. I had to right about numerous different topics for example music, emojis and holidays, but we also learnt how we could further improve our blogs by imbedding content such as links, websites and photos and adding widgets to show where have people visited your blog from. Now that the project is finally over i was assigned to make a blog post to reflect on all of my other posts and my learning has developed from day 1 to day 10. The first I felt improved a lot throughout this challenge was the organization of my blog on the first day we updated our about me page and we gave every post tags and categories. On day two we worked on keeping our comments more organized by making a set a rules that commenters would have to follow.

The last thing that helped me with the organization of my blog was day 3 because in day 3 I learnt how to embed photos, YouTube videos and websites which made my blog look cleaner and I could get my point off in a more organized way. My writing in general also improved a lot for example I’ve started to notice in my summative blog post that I’ve done for other projects my ideas being much more clear, and I’m able to use different descriptive words to clearly get my point across. Another task we had to do for this final reflection is write about our blogging plans and what we are going to after the challenge to continue blogging I’m thinking of doing a challenge for basketball and updating my blog every week on my progress. Overall this blogging challenge has been a great experience and has helped me improve my writing and my blog.

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