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A Post About Our Lovely Earth


This post is late. I apologize.

The earth is very important. We live here. We get our food and water here. We play and work and talk and walk here. We are born here and we die here.

This all may seem quite obvious, but if so, why are we killing it? Why are we spewing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere? Why are we dumping plastic into the ocean? Why are we cutting down entire forests? And why does this keep happening, even through all the warnings from scientists and climate activists around the world?

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A Post About Music


First of all, I would just like to apologize for my third (fourth?) late blog post in a row. To be fair, I have been away for a week, but I still really need to catch up.

Now that that’s over with, I can get on with the  blog post!

For the 5th week of the Student Blogging Challenge, our assignment is to write about music. I’m not much of a musician myself, having quit several different instruments, but I do enjoy listening to music and appreciate good songs when I hear them.

One thing I thought I would write about, since I’ve been in Connecticut and New York for the past week, is Broadway musicals. I am a huge fan of theatre and musicals, and I’ve seen a few, mostly as movies, though earlier this year I had the chance to watch some in the Broadway Across Canada tour. This week I was lucky enough to see the real thing.
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