Emoji Story Time.

Hello! Welcome to my blog post. In todays blog post, we were told to write a story, with inspiration from a random emoji generator, these were my emojis:



And this is my story:

Once upon a time, there was a man. This mans name was Jerry. Jerry was having a terrible day, his eyes filled with tears anytime he tried to do anything. Waking up? Crying. Eating a bowl of cereal? Crying. Jerry just wasn’t feeling it that day. He even decided to take a shower to try and wash the sadness away, but alas.. Jerry was still sad. Even Jerry’s roommate, who saw him every morning, happy as ever, was concerned for his sad friend. So Jerry’s roommate decided that he has had enough of Jerry’s sadness, they were going to go on a road trip.

“Jerry, pack your things. We’re going on a road trip!” Tom said, shoving his own things into a big red duffle bag as he spoke to Jerry. Of course, Jerry simply nodded, why not go on a little road trip? It might just cure the sadness. So Jerry began to pack his things, toothbrush, toothpaste, his favourite stripy T-shirt and a pair of sweatpants. 

“Alright, Tom. I’m ready.” Jerry spoke, heading to the car and placing his back pack of things into the back of the car, seeing that Jerry had already put his red duffle bag into the car. Sigh, its road-trip time.

The pair had been driving for a around an hour or so, listening to Tom’s Spotify playlist, Jerry could’ve sworn he’d heard ‘Yellow Submarine’ by The Beatles at least five times now, but hey, who doesn’t like The Beatles? Besides that, Jerry’s mood was lifting. As they continued to drive, they slowly began cruising into the country, seeing all sorts of animals, horses, sheep, donkey’s and cows. Lots and lots of cows. 

“Hey, Jerry! Get your camera, look at the cows!” Tom said, slowing down the car so that Jerry could take a picture of all the cows. Jerry was overjoyed, because of all those cows, any of Jerry’s sadness had completely disappeared. How could you be sad when there were fluffy cows. Jerry and Tom continued to drive once they got a few good pictures of the cows, and by sundown, they were at a hotel a few.

“Hey Tom, thanks for making me go for that drive dude, it helped. I feel better now” Jerry said, looking over at his buddy as they sat in the quiet hotel room. “Yeah, no problem Jerry” Tom said, looking out the hotel window at the sunset.

Just like that, the tale was over. Ever since that day, whenever Jerry was sad, he’d instantly think about the cows and feel better. 

The End. 


Thanks for reading!