How To Comment Properly.

Hello everyone!

Today we will be talking about quality commenting! What is that you may ask? Well its pretty self explanatory but, basically it’s just how to comment correctly! Because while commenting on these blogs you are giving feedback to (probably) someone you’ve never talked to before, so it’s important to make sure you’re doing it in a helpful and respectful way.

Today, we were told we are allowed to make commenting guidelines for your posts to help share how to properly comment on someone’s post. So, here we go:

1. Start out with your first name, it’s always nice to know who’s giving you the feedback you are receiving on your posts! (Hint: dont include your last name, don’t reveal too much about yourself, this is public and on the internet.)

2. After introducing yourself, its nice to add what you liked about someone’s blog/post. People appreciate compliments! If you would like to offer some  (constructive) criticism to someone’s post, do so kindly.

3. Make connections! Maybe somewhere on someone’s post they mentioned something they like that you also enjoy, try to incorporate that into your comment. Questions are also good ideas to add to your comments.

4. Write your comment as though you were writing someone a letter. Make sure to use proper grammar, spelling and keep things on topic. (There’s nothing wrong with conversation, but a school blog post may not the best place for it).

5. Make sure to sign your name again! A few of my favourite ways to do so are:

Sincerely, y/n

yours truly, y/n

Or if you wanted to be boring (no shade to people who do this lol) you could just type from, y/n.


Alrighty, well.. hopefully that was an informative post, thank you for taking your time to read it!